Year end!

God has continued to bless and cause us to move forward even in these challenging economic times.  We are striving to build savvy dads by turning the hearts of the fathers to their children.  This year brought two major projects to the forefront.  Beginning Savvy Dads Conferences on a national basis and completing of our first book titled Dad Cents .

“When your kids leave home do you want them to know more about money than you did when you left home?” is the question that I love to ask dads.  I always get the same response, “sure!”   I will then follow up with the next question, “What are you doing to make that happen?”  I am usually met  with a response of I am not sure, nothing or just a blank stare.  Every dad recognizes the problem but very few are doing much to solve the problem!   My book, Dad Cents, will give dads the tools they need to teach their children the biblical principles of money.

I could fill several pages telling you about the ways God made it possible to publish this book.  Let me give you one example.  Once we decided to self publish the biggest obstacle (in my mind) would be the finances required because  getting the book to completion would require $20,000.  I began to seek the funding but also work with the editor on the content of the book.

After 6 months of little progress in finding funding, and growing weary,  I received a phone call.  The person on the other end of the phone, who had no idea of how much was needed, told me they were interested in helping finance the publishing of the book.  Much to my surprise, they asked me if I needed $20,000 to finish the book!  At the end of October I received the first books from the printer.  To God be the glory!

This year we conducted two Savvy Dads Conferences one was held in Topeka and the other in Wisconsin.  God used both conferences to remind me of the significant needs of dads.  At one of the conferences a dad and son that attended together were both impacted by what they learned from Dr. Ken Canfield.  Another attendee was out in the lobby after the second Saturday morning session and I inquired if he was liking the conference.  He told me yes and that he was going over his notes because he had already learned more than he could implement immediately!

Dad Cents is the only book of its kind which equips fathers/parents to establish biblical concepts about money into the lives of their children.  The Savvy Dads Conference features the nation’s premiere speaker on fathering.  According to Gary Smalley Ph.D. and John Trent Ph.D. “No one is speaking with as much knowledge and authority on fathering issues as Ken Canfield.”  This is where we need your help:

  1. We need to get the book (Dad Cents) into the hands of dads and
  2. inform churches about the possibility of hosting a Savvy Dads Conferences.

We have several opportunities during this coming year with your prayer and financial support  to make this happen.  We have been approached by a national Christian television show that proposes to feature a segment about Dad Cents and Savvy Dads.  Another opportunity is to produce a Savvy Dads video conference that could be available to any church or home in our country via the internet.

Our ministry goals for 2010 include:

  1. Getting the Dad Cents book into the hands of fathers/parents
  2. Finding church partners to host Savvy Dads conferences
  3. To expand teaching opportunities for men via the internet

We need additional ongoing one time and monthly support but would like to expedite these projects as they would be over and above the regular budget.  To accomplish these goals will require  $20,000.  Would you help make this happen?  Please prayerfully consider a onetime, monthly, or quarterly gift to the ministry.  All gifts are tax deductable.

Dr. Ken Canfield on “Today’s Issues” radio show


Radio Interview:


Dr. Ken Canfield is to be interviewed on American Family Radio regarding the Savvy Dads Conferences.  This is very exciting as the interview will inform people around the country about the importance of fathers becoming Savvy Dads. 


DATE:  Friday, viagra buy February 27, healing 2009

TIME:  10:15 – 11:00 am CT

MEDIA:  Christian Radio Network – over 200 stations in 34 states, 19 affiliates and in Canada

You can listen by going to


New Website

We now have a new website!

First Conference!

The first Savvy Dads Conference was held in Topeka Kansas at Northland Christian Church on May 2nd & 3 rd.  Almost 400 people attended between Friday night and Saturday morning.  Friday night was for moms and dads and focused on the marital relationship.  Saturday was just for dads and Dr. Canfield presented the information using a very distinct method.  The presentation displayed three view points.  Dr. Canfield the researcher, and site the experienced father and the Biblical view.

Comments from the surveys were overwhelmingly positive.  Moms consistently appreciated hearing the information with their husbands by their side.  Dads most appreciated the small group format that was used to break out and discuss some of the questions Dr. Canfield posed.  Overall, order cure the participants were very pleased with the entire conference.

We are looking to do more soon!