Review thoughts:


Beaming messages of joy to your children is powerful.  Your children will have:

  •     Improved brain function
  •     greater confidence and empathy 
  •     The best model: The Heavenly Father! “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”  Matthew 3:17


 If you are involved with your children, thumb they will be:  

  •      less susceptibility to peer pressure
  •     more effective in processing information
  •     more confident, click empathetic and have Improved self esteem


Being a “regular dad” is really a huge way of setting yourself apart to bless your children


God never abandoned us, health although we abandoned Him.  Fathers need to take authority over the issues of abandoning children. 


When we deal with father loss issues as a child, much of what we experience we re-visit in our marriages (the most profound of all relationships)


Bring the Heavenly Father into your marriage every day…  for you, your wife, and your children


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