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Dad Cents

Dad Cents includes Biblical truths along with practical tools to give dads the ability to teach their children.  Over the last several years I have asked many dads one question.  “Do you want your children to know more about financial matters than you did when you left home?”  Every dad has given the same answer, “of course!”  The natural follow up question is ”What are you doing to make that happen?”  At that point every dad realizes the situation but few feel they can make a difference.  Most dads want to teach their children about money but feel ill equipped to do so.

Dad Cents will give dads the ability to give their children a Biblical foundation on money and the practical tools for every day living!

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Developed from years of research and shaped by a biblical world view, They Call Me Dad is a powerful exposé of the spiritual insights of effective fathering. Dr. Canfield encourages fathers to activate their faith through modeling and teaching children to out-think, out-live, and out-love the world. They Call Me Dad contains interactive and profiling tools which enhance a dad’s skill and understanding of his role as a father.  This book is the basis for the Savvy Dads Conference.

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